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A focal impetus behind the Network Neuroscience approach is that it provides a framework for interpreting the brain as an interconnected system. This approach offers quantitatively different maps of the brain where networks, consisting of nodes (e.g., genes, neurons or brain regions) and links (e.g., interactions, synaptic, anatomical or functional connections) are endowed with topological properties. It also provides a novel framework for studying fundamental aspects of brain organization including its complexity at all spatiotemporal scales. In particular, a Network Neuroscience approach permits structural and anatomical analyses of the brain from the molecular, to the neuronal, to the macroscopic and behavioral scales. Critical to the development of Network Neuroscience is the necessity of a forum to discuss and understand the brain at these various levels. Moreover, such a forum also codifies and facilitates more cross-disciplinary communication critical to the advancement of scientific discovery.

Call for Contributions

You are invited to submit your talk and/or poster by June 30th 11:59pm Anywhere on Earth. Submissions should be in the format of a one-page pdf with one figure.
Themes in the Network Neuroscience remit include, but are not limited to: (i) Interactome networks; (ii) Transcriptional and gene regulation networks; (iii) Structural brain networks (imaging); (iv) Functional brain networks (imaging); (v) Brain networks – theory, modeling and analysis; (vi) Signal processing and information flow; (vii) Circuit dynamics; (viii) Brain-behavior interactions; (ix) Systems neuroscience. All themes apply to any species.

Submissions are now closed, but last minute submissions may be accepted on a rolling basis as a POSTER ONLY. Submissions received after July 8th will not be considered.


POSTER ONLY: July 8th 11:59pm AOE


Network Neuroscience 2022 will be held virtually on July 12th 2022, from 12pm-4pm GMT. The timing is calculated by NetSci to be the most inclusive possible to welcome our friends and colleagues in all timezones. Some of these include: 5-9am PT, 8am-12pm ET, 2-6pm CEST, 8pm-12am CST, and 10pm-2am AEST.

Welcoming remarks

12pm GMT: Masanori Shimono
Whole brain comparison of functional microconnectome

12:30: Lidia Ripoll Sánchez, Jan Watteyne, Haosheng Sun, Robert W. Fernandez, Seth R. Taylor, Alexis Weinreb, Marc Hammarlund, David M. Miller III, Oliver Hobert, Isabel Beets, Petra E. Vértes and William R. Schafer.
Building the neuropeptidergic connectome of Caenorhabditis elegans
12:45: Alberto Cacciola, Gianpaolo Basile, Demetrio Milardi, and Giuseppe Anastasi.
Topological organization of the human cerebellum network

1:00: Sarah Morgan
New network approaches to brain MRI and speech data

1:30: Hanran Luna Li, Luoyao Pang, Kun Chen, Dean Mobbs, and Haiyan Wu.
The changing brain: alterations in resting state functional connectivity after switching moral decisions

1:45: Xining Chen, Abigail Giancola, Sophia Tchir, Lisa Feldman-Barrett, Joseph Andreano, and Emma Towlson.
Functional brain network connectivity changes with ovarian hormone levels

2:00: Kanika Bansal
Can network neuroscience approaches help personalize therapeutics?

2:30: Christopher Hayward, Siyu Huo, Xue Chen and Marcus Kaiser.
Non-optimal component placement of the human connectome supports variable brain dynamics
2:45: Gorka Zamora-López, Rajanikant Panda, Ane López-González, Jitka Annen and Matthieu Gilson.
Propagation-response analysis reveal the disruption of integrative and broadcasting networks in pathological loss of consciousness

3:00: Bratislav Misic
Learning in connectome-based artificial neural networks

3:30: Poster session
Join us on the Network Neuroscience 2022 poster wall. By signing in with GitHub, you can join our community of network neuroscience enthudsiasts, and see and use the global chat on the posterwall. Scrolling down, you find an alphabetic list of this year's posters and clicking them will bring you to the poster with the little camera icon to join the video chat room of this poster. Green icons means someone is connected, and the little number indicates how many people are connected to each room.
If you only want to join the poster session, you can take the shortcut directly to the posterwall.

4pm GMT: Closing


Network Neuroscience is a satellite of the main NetSci conference. You can register for Network Neuroscience through the NetSci website - select "Satellites & School Only" if you only wish to attend Network Neuroscience and other satellites. The $30 USD registration fee will grant you access to all of the NetSci affiliated satellites, including Network Neuroscience. You will also be granted access to Network Neurocience if you register for the whole NetSci conference.

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Sarah Morgan

Accelerate Science Research Fellow

Cambridge University

Bratislav Misic

Associate Professor & Canada Research Chair

Montreal Neurological Institute, McGill University

Kanika Bansal

Senior Fellow

US DEVCOM Army Research Laboratory

Masanori Shimono

Associate Professor

Kyoto University


Emma Towlson

University of Calgary

Daniele Marinazzo

Ghent University

Artwork by Yifan (Coco) Zhang

University of Calgary

Posterwall by Katja Neuer

Max Planck Institute for Human Cognitive and Brain Sciences

Posterwall by Roberto Toro

Institut Pasteur


You can contact the organizers with enquiries and/or expressions of interest to get involved. We would love to hear from you!


ektowlson at gmail dot com
daniele.marinazzo at gmail dot com